Our names are Armando and Adelaide and together we are the Chroniclers.
Coming from different photographic backgrounds, what brought us together was the love for capturing great moments and telling compelling stories using photography.
Focusing on the uniqueness of every person and situation, we like to take a very personal approach to everything that we do.
We provide a broad range of photographic services described in Journey, Light and Love carefully crafted and selected to cater to the needs of our clients, focusing on their singularity and to bring them the best possible photographs.

Hello, I am Armando.

My childhood was spent dreaming about travelling and discovering long lost ancient civilisations, a passion that evolved into taking photographs of everything surrounding me.

I absolutely adore getting up early to shoot with the golden light of dawn...

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Hi, my name is Adelaide but you can call me Lai.

I love telling stories and have discovered that photography is the perfect medium for me to tell them.

People, their stories and love are the three ingredients of my life.

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