At Journey Chroniclers we want to take you to the right place, where we can help you to capture that breath-taking photo. Along the way there will be time to sit down relax and enjoy a glass of the very best Portuguese wine, while you wait for the next photo opportunity to pass before your eyes.
This is not just a photo tour, it is an experience where we will take you to a land rich with flavours and sights. You will drink and eat some of the best produce that comes from the Douro region in the North of Portugal and will meet the people that craft the very same delicacies that stand on top of your table. And the photo opportunities just keep coming as well!
We won't just take you to the places, but we will help you to gain a new voice and a new way to communicate your thoughts and vision through photography.
You will have the opportunity to develop your vision and take your photography to the next level.